What Can I Recycle?

WHat do I need when I come to recycle?

Calgary Metal Recycling Inc. is required to adhere to, and therefore abides by, the local City of Calgary by-laws for recycle metal. All metal recycling companies are required to do the same and we recommend for your safety you do not recycle metal at locations that do not adhere to these regulations. In order for us to receive and process your recycled metals we will require a driver's license and the vehicle registration for the vehicle you use to transport the metal to our facility. Without these we cannot accept your material. If you are a first customer you will be required to have a second piece of identifcation available to present to us for propoer documentation.

Are you open on weekends?

We open from 8:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m on Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Holidays.

We no longer have 24-hour FREE drop off. After business hour FREE drop off is available from 5pm-10pm weekday evenings, 1pm - 5pm on Saturday, and Noon - 5pm om Sunday. Metal only as per our policies, all other materials will not accepted.

See our staff at the security gate

What are you paying for scrap steel, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel?

As markets change from one day to the next, we advise you to give our knowledgeable staff a call for current price on your material. This is done to ensure you are paid the highest price possible for your scrap.

Do you take appliances?

Yes, we take all appliances for recycling at no charge. If an appliance has Freon such as a refrigerator or deep freeze, they must be identified up front and there will be a charge of $15.00 per unit to safely and environmentally extract the Freon. Please avoid illegal dumping as the bylaw fine for doing so is $500.

Do you recycle cars?

Yes, we can arrange towing for you. All fluids must be drained and mercury switches removed.

Scrap Vehicle Acceptance Policy

What can be recycled?

Just a few examples of recycled materials are:

Contractors Plumbers Electricians Mechanics
Aluminum Door Frames    Copper Pipe                    BX Aluminum Wire Lead Acide Batteries       
Appliances Brass Fittings Insulated & Bare Copper Wire Starters
Aluminum Windows Sinks House Wire Alternators
Brass Hardware AC Untis Data-Communication Wire Radiators
Keys   Tech Cable Catalytic Converters
Hot Water Tanks     Aluminum Rims
      Wheel Weights

How does recycling work?

  1. Separate your material: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Insulated Wires, Stainless Steel, Electric Motors, etc.
  2. Bring it to our location and we will pay you a fair price.
  3. Each type of materia is weighed (by the pound or ton) and graded by our experienced buyers.
  4. Various payment methods to suit your company needs.

How does recycling help you?

  • Helping the environment by keeping it out of the landfill: All Metal is Recyclable!
  • Cash back from excess material from a job site, renovation or project.
  • Recycling helps reduce costs of new materials for future projects.

Download our Scrap Acceptance Policy

“Scrap-recycling facilities are like mines above ground, rich with resources that can be reused to preserve the environment, at a fraction of the cost to mine and refine metals from virgin ores. Scrap metal is not waste or trash. Rather, it is a continuous resource – made from old automobiles, appliances, buildings, bridges, airplanes and more. Scrap metal may, in fact, be one of our most precious resources. Because it can be re-melted and reshaped into new products countless times, scrap metal is a resource that will never be depleted.”