Additional Services

Landfill, Demolition and Farm Clean-Ups

Do you require clean up services for your landfill, building or farm? Calgary Metal Recycling can provide expert services for all of your clean up needs from; monthly landfill scrap removal, to demolition and farm clean up’s that will tear down or remove your scrap metal making sure all applicable materials are recycled in the process. We will also make sure that your site is left clean after we are finished with the clean up. When you use our landfill, demolition, and farm clean-up services, you guarantee that any metals and recyclable materials are not left going to a landfill and potentially polluting the environment. Calgary Metal Recycling makes sure that the environmental impact of your demolition is kept to a minimum.

Flat Deck and End Dump Hauling

Calgary Metal Recycling offers flat deck and end dump hauling services to businesses and individuals that require large amounts of material hauled over long distances. We can take care of your heavy loads of materials quickly and efficiently. We offer these services to customers who want to get rid of large amounts of material but are outside of Calgary and are unable to transport these materials themselves. Let us take care of the hard part while you continue to do your part for the environment.

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